a drop of blood

in a bowl of milk

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14 June
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a static lullaby - a true story - alexisonfire
arctic monkies - armor for sleep - atreyu
avenged sevenfold - belle & sebastian - ben folds
beulah - billy joel - bloc party - brand new
bright eyes - coheed and cambria - cursive
daphne loves derby - dashboard confessional
david bowie - death cab for cutie - eels
fall out boy- fear before the march of flames - finch
five for fighting - franz ferdinand - from first to last
frou frou - funeral for a friend - gorillaz
harry and the potters - hellogoodbye - hidden in plain view
hollywood undead - houston calls - imogen heap - iron&wine
jimmy eat world -kaiser chiefs - kasabian
LCD soundsystem - led zeppelin - matchbook romance
motion city soundtrack - nemo - owen pallett
panic! at the disco - plain white tee's - Queen
regina spektor - relient k - rufus wainright
saosin - saves the day - senses fail - shout out louds
silverstein - simon & garfunkel - snow patrol
something corporate - spoon - stafford
stars - story of the year - string quartet tribute
stutterfly - super furry animals - taking back sunday
tegan and sara - the 88 - the academy is... - the beatles
the blood brothers - the capricorns - the dandy warhols
the escape engine - the futureheads - the julianna theory
the mars volta - the offspring - the postal service
the shins - the spill canvas - the starting line
the subways - the used - the walkmen
thursday - underoath - youth group


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Saturday Night Live, LOST, Scrubs, Veronica Mars, Project Runway, Best Week Ever, Degrassi

RENT, Wicked, Phantom of the Opera, 1776, Hairspray, Les Miserables, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Throughly Modern Milly, Spamalot

fandoms Harry Potter, Final Fantasy: VII, X, X-2, XII, AC, LOST, The Matrix, LOtR, Chronicles of Narnia, X-men, ASoUE


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